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Please reach out if you'd like to inquire about how customer service and soft skill solutions can assist your business.



Setting and maintaining an excellent standard for all business interactions might seem like an unsolved puzzle. You have the pieces; I'll show you where they go.

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Artificial intelligence may cover some of your needs, but nothing compares to natural human interactions.

What does the ideal customer experience look like to you–internally and externally? Your team wants professional development and whether they know it or not; they're looking for guidance; Are willing to invest in them?


With Janika LeMaitre's tried and true trainings and presentations, you'll see immediate results: Boosted team morale, elevated customer interactions, confidence managing customer issues, improved internal and external communication, and a more respectful company culture.

Empower your team to take pride in their service through her tailored solutions. Take a look and see which best fits your needs.


Select  the  right  OPTION  for  your  business.


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Four & Five Diamond Restaurants

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A Boost In Confidence & Team Morale

"As an up-and-coming Hair Studio, we strive to provide the absolute BEST services and customer experience. In our industry, education on guest interaction, consultations, and especially handling difficult situations is severely lacking. Janika presented relevant topics in a laid-back environment, which helped each one of our stylists – ages 17-41 – absorb and utilize all of the information. Janika's approach, demeanor, and style of presentation were easy to understand and relatable.


She was professional yet open, so our team felt completely comfortable. They were able to ask REAL questions and get REAL feedback. She taught them very useful preventative measures especially pinpointing being more detailed in their conversations and consultations. The flow of her seminar allowed our team to present daily life situations and turn them into solutions.


After Janika's seminar, our team rendered a boost in confidence and team morale along with a more enthusiastic approach and outlook. The effects of her teachings show through the positive responses from our clientele. She has enabled us to bridge the gap between guests and stylists to be more confident with their conversations, displayed by their increased ease and comfort in our space. Our guests, along with our staff, are happier and have had much better communication regarding desires and expectations, leading to increased guest satisfaction and overall retention. We cannot thank her enough! Janika, you are truly amazing at what you do!"



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