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In 2020 I interviewed women I knew and felt have the advice to give, whether in large international companies or small local businesses. So listen for yourself, and perhaps you'll take something away from what they have to say.

Small business owner, Nina Patel, shares her thoughts about driving business through the pandemic and why giving back to the community is important to her.

Time Frame: 11:50

Influencer and small business owner, Danielle Faretra, discusses the importance of a positive mindset and also covers her clientele strategy.

Time Frame: 10:09

Learn from Danielle Carvalho, Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Head of the third largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

Time Frame: 10:04

Christina Truscello, Owner of Teal Studio, describes how she successfully pivoted her business model at the beginning of the pandemic.

Time Frame: 16:16

Webinar expert and Founder of Holistic Health Collaborative, Kate Maslowski, provides guidance on how to create and host a successful webinar.

Time Frame: 12:55

Lynelle Amirault, expert Digital Marketing Consultant, discusses her views on why being reactive with your marketing tactics can help your business during uncertain times.

Time Frame: 14:02

Leadership C-Suite
Maintain Clientele
Drive Business & Give Back
Hair Salon Business Model
Effective Webinars
Pivot Your Marketing
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