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  • What should I expect with a complimentary 30 minute consultation call?
    The call is an "ice-breaker" which helps you and Janika LeMaitre get to know each other. Virtual Coaching: You'll be presented with available modules for coaching. Virtual Speaking: You'll receive an explanation of targeted learning benefits for each speaking topic. Seminars: You'll learn in more detail the benefits of each seminar and be provided with a detailed outline of logistics. Together you will both determine whether The Better Professional services are right for you. You will then be presented with package pricing. When you decide to proceed, scheduling the first virtual 60 minute call is the next step.
  • Can services be combined?
    Yes! If you own a business and are looking to create a package of multiple services, this can be tailored for your specific needs. Example scenario: You are a private company and have ten new sales representatives, three existing upper management employees, and one long-term business executive who can each benefit from different options. Here's what the package may look like: One x Business Etiquette Seminar, In-person or virtual for the new sales reps. One x 45 minute Virtual Speaking "Shifting Gears: Networking In-person & Virtually" for sales representatives and upper management. Four x Virtual Corporate Coaching services for three months. One x Dine Like a Diplomat Seminar for all employees. You have the ability to build your own package with the target price in mind.
  • Are weekly calls mandatory with private coaching?
    Your schedule may require flexibility and the coaching services will reflect the needs of Janika LeMaitre's and your schedules combined. Potential scenario: With three-months of coaching you'll have access to 12 x one hour virtual calls. If you have a vacation or holiday coming up, the call may be moved to another week.
  • Can I request you to present a program at my place of business?
    Due to the nature of social distancing, in person seminars will be launching in 2021 once the restrictions are lifted.
  • What is the dress code when attending a program?
    Smart casual or business casual attire is preferred.
  • What materials will my employees receive with the program?
    You will be given a LT sized folder and inside a seminar outline with guided documents to take home relating to the seminar. In the case of webinars, this will be sent in a PDF format and emailed to you for dispersement to your employees.
  • Is there support provided after attending a program?
    Yes. For any questions and guidance, you will be able to correspond via email for any further discussion pertaining to the topic trained.
  • Are the trainings tailored to the employees positions and industry?
    Yes. A thirty minute consultation will be held prior to the training date to learn the needs and areas of concern of your employees.
  • What is the appropriate age group for your programs?
    Group trainings target adults of all ages, generations and genders. Private coaching is specifically for professionals over the age of twenty.
  • What positions benefit from your programs?
    Each program is tailored to target any pain points that you have regarding your employees in any position. Upon your complimentary 30 minute consultation call, I will make a program recommendation to train on your associate's specific needs. For example: if you find that dining expertise is needed for someone in an executive level position and there is a business dinner scheduled, then I would recommend the Dine Like a Diplomat® program. Alternately, should you have a medical device sales force that is constantly out in the field hosting product launches and/or training seminars at a restaurant banquet room combined with a meal, this is also an opportunity to introduce the Dine Like a Diplomat® program.
  • May I purchase a private coaching session for someone that I know?
    Yes. Whoever the recipient is will greatly benefit from this service.


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