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22 Classy Gifts–According to Janika

My gift list has returned! After much deliberation, I have updated the list and kept just a few items. Whether a colleague, client, superior or a close friend, choosing that perfect understated gift is a serious challenge. And so I've devised a list to help ease your search, all for under $500:

Still holding my number one spot, gift baskets by Stonewall Kitchen are often warmly welcomed. Excellent for someone who may have a family and enjoys spending time in the kitchen.

This service allows you to create your own themed gift box creating a wonderful tailor-made experience. Appropriate for someone who may like opening lots of small surprises and, you may spend as little or as much as you like.

For the culturally diverse person–a thoughtful gift with a Japanese twist.

Perfect for starting an annual and refined tradition of ornament giving, especially if you know they love to decorate a Christmas tree.

Select a mix of candy and chocolate with a childlike or adult theme. These boxes are beautifully presented in a Robin's egg blue box.

Appropriate for the gentleman who is a watch or car collector and or enthusiast. These books interview fascinating people who each tell their stories behind their prized possessions.

You want to show appreciation for the epicurean at-home chef and an elegant gift for a vendor, hostess or someone you may not know too well.

#8) Missoni Family Cookbook from Saks Fifth Avenue

Whoever you know may be into food and Italian fashion, this cookbook is a fun bridge of the two!

When you smell this scent, you'll understand why it makes the ultimate gift for a hostess.

For someone who appreciates a tech gadget–you can't go too wrong with anything Apple.

A present that the frequent traveler will highly covet. These headphones really do the trick. (I also learned recently that they connect via bluetooth to my television so I don't need to subject my husband to all of the holiday movies I watch!)

Any chocolate fiend will adore this set. The decorative–and edible–pictures stamped on the top are a delightful touch.

This notebook provides an understated and sophisticated feel to an otherwise ordinary item. A superb idea to give someone who adores high-end stationery.

A fantastic tech gift for the list maker and note taker who loves to be organized.

For the coffee connoisseur, a stylish and simple choice.

Appropriate for those who are established professionals, regardless of age or gender. This is an elegant present and one that would be passed to the next generation.

A wonderful gift for someone who appreciates luxurious self-care.

Most will warmly welcome this surprisingly useful item. Although, I suggest to avoid giving to those who are adverse to scented items.

The financially savvy person will treasure this subscription, especially if they're into the stock market!

Give this to the person who considers wine a must-have in their life. They will relish feeling like their own sommelier.

This notebook provides an understated and sophisticated feel to an otherwise ordinary item. Appropriate for mature women of all ages. *If you notice that the person is bolder with their colors they wear, think about getting a brighter color choice.

A New England corporate gift that delivers a feeling of permanence–and is presidential worthy *Ask to have it engraved on the back or add a small engraved plaque.

One rule of thumb: When you're planning to give a colleague or a corporate client a gift, please check with your Human Resources department about any protocols regarding spending limits or appropriate gifting.

Lastly, when sending a present, make sure to add a personalized note card: If possible, with your stationery. Ensure that your message explains your thought process behind the gift, i.e., "I know that you love to travel, and this came to mind." or "I've noticed that you appreciate great stationery. May you enjoy using this gift in the years to come." Your handwritten card makes for a memorable gesture, and you will be known as a thoughtful gift giver.


About the author, Janika LeMaitre

Jan is a certified etiquette advisor, specializing in personal brand strategy. Her mission is to provide life-changing soft skills for business owners and industry trail-blazers to self-manage and evolve their reputation. Jan is certified with the Protocol School of Washington® and The British School of Excellence™. In addition, she is the board president of Women's Business Group Connects, and as a second-generation Rotarian, proudly serves as a board director at the Rotary Club of Weston & Wayland.

Download your complimentary copy of Jan's "Handling Gender-Neutral Pronouns With Style" quick guide here.


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