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4 Must-Read Books to Help You Stand-Out

Are you determined to develop yourself into a more polished and influential person? Do you want to stand out? Are you open to a new way of thinking? If your answer is "definitely yes!" – here are my four must-read books to help you create the confidence you desire:

#1 ) Speak to Win by Brian Tracy outlines how to present with power in any situation.

Brian Tracy provides tried and true strategies to help you overcome any public speaking fears you may have. Whether in front of a small group or speaking to a large room filled with people, these tactics teach you how to practice the craft of speaking well and getting your message across clearly.

#2 ) Modern Manners by Dorothea Johnson provides tools to take you to the top.

Dorothea Johnson gives an overview of everyday etiquette and helps you understand how to master certain areas of life through grace and manners. Her granddaughter Liv Tyler imparts a running commentary discussing how her grandmother’s teachings have positively affected her life. This is a wonderful read and I recommend it for any woman at any age.

#3) The Power of Presence by Kristi Hedges covers unlocking your potential to influence and engage others, specifically in a leadership role.

Kristi Hedges goes over real-life scenarios and shows how to apply lessons learned to empower your presence. She covers core values, being and living your brand, the meaning of influencing others and communicating well all done to affect how you motivate others and empower them to be at their best.

#4) How to Listen with Intention by Patrick King highlights the foundation of true connection, communication, and relationships.

Patrick King explains the methodology behind being a great listener and how it’s a powerful skill when communicating with others. Learn exactly how, through his step-by-step guidance, to turn your listening from somewhat mediocre to your strongest core competency.

There are many books that can help you propel in business; also in life. I’ve enjoyed learning from all of these and I know you will gain the same knowledge that I have. You will become a greater professional by aiming to be a little bit better with everything you do. With that said, enjoy reading.


About the author, Janika LeMaitre

Jan is a certified etiquette advisor, specializing in personal brand strategy. Her mission is to provide life-changing soft skills for business owners and industry trail-blazers to self-manage and evolve their reputation. Jan is certified with the Protocol School of Washington® and The British School of Excellence™. In addition, she is the board president of Women's Business Group Connects, and as a second-generation Rotarian, proudly serves as a board director at the Rotary Club of Weston & Wayland.

Download your complimentary copy of Jan's "Handling Gender-Neutral Pronouns With Style" quick guide here.


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